These are all questions Culture Heroes, Inc. have been asked at least once, with the most popular nearer the top. We reserve the right to take your questions and paraphrase them, edit them or simply mock them.

Is this for real?
Gravely serious. It's not a joke. Well, it kind of is, but no, it's a real game. You can even buy the Serial Killer Trivia Game right now! There aren't many so if you want one, you'd better act now.
But isn't it a bit tasteless?
Seriously? Of course it's tasteless!! The subject fascinates all kinds of people even though they might not want to admit it. Its not for everyone and if you don't enjoy dark humor, simply don't buy it or play it. This is just a board game. If the game does bother you, please make sure to protest it in public places....it saves on our marketing and advertising budget.
How much will it cost to ship to me?
Postage varies, naturally. Currently Culture Heroes will be sending the orders ourselves, covering the British Isles, some of Europe and America. See our order page for more detail. Hopefully as soon as we can find some sort of distribution deal, the postage costs to places outside the UK will not cost as much. As it stands right now, this is an independent effort, so please be patient.
If I buy 2/3/4 games do I get a discount on postage?
Sorry, no. The game weighs in at about 4.5lbs, making postage fairly expensive. We will already absorb around half the postage cost and mailing a few at once doesn't really result in much of a saving. However, if you're buying five or more copies, then definitely get in touch with us at Culture Heroes, Inc via email. That's the level of commitment we like to reward.
When will my game arrive?
We currently have games in stock and have a delivery information page which covers all aspects of delivery.
"I want to see where my $49.95 goes, to make sure you're not a sick profiteer!"(OK, not technically a question.)
At the moment it's all going into our bank account (which isn't saying much!). If we make a profit from the games, and if the demand is there, it will probably be put back into making more copies of the game. If by chance we do find some success with this game, we may or may not donate some of the proceeds to victims of violent crimes.
Where can I buy the game?
Culture Heroes is hoping to find a publisher with some contacts to help out with distribution, but until that happens you can buy it right here, online.
I want to write about this in my magazine/blog/etc. May I?
Please do, and make sure to let Culture Heroes know about it! If youse all wanna do a banner exchange with us, just let us know, we'll work something out. Thanks in advance!!